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  1. The Astonishing Color of Now

    Book review - spoilers

  2. Writing

    Reflecting on writing

  3. American Panda

    Book review - spoilers

  4. Leftover Women

    Book review

  5. 2017's Best Reads

    Book review

  6. Last Jedi - Spoiler Review

    Movie review with Spoilers

  7. Watership Down

    Book review

  8. The Fate of Rome

    Book review

  9. The Man from the Train

    Book review

  10. Figuring out what now

    When the mind races too fast

  11. A System Apart

    Hong Kong

  12. Building HackerJobs

    A Diary, Day 5

  13. Building HackerJobs

    A Diary, Day 3

  14. Building HackerJobs

    A Diary

  15. Projects in Middle of Projects

    Preventing Burnout

  16. I don’t think you should go to concerts anymore

    A realization of the times

  17. Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom

    A Book Review

  18. Running it Back


  19. Being Prolific


  20. Writing More

    A New Daily Process

  21. Listening

    Advice I’d Give Myself

  22. Silence

    A Movie Review, with Spoilers

  23. Civil War, No.2

    A Book Review

  24. American War

    A Book Review

  25. Your Name

    An Anime Review. Spoilers.

  26. Yilan County Taiwan

    A smaller town

  27. Scaling Down Our Expectations

    From 19 to 29

  28. Sapiens

    A Book Review

  29. Burning Out

    Burning Into Ash

  30. Thoughts About Singapore

    On my third trip there

  31. How I Read

    #How I readI read a great article earlier that asked bloggers about their reading process. I loved this of course and...

  32. Emperor of Maladies Book Review

    Thoughts on a biography of cancer

  33. Top Books of 2016

    My favorite reads of 2016

  34. Thoughts on 29

    Reflecting on 28 and 30

  35. Master of the Senate

    A Book Review

  36. Passage of Power

    A Book Review

  37. Presidential Thoughts

    Eat Bird Day

  38. Presidential Thoughts

    The Morning After

  39. La La Land

    A Movie Review

  40. Shin Godzilla

    A Movie Review

  41. Deaths End

    A Book Review

  42. The Great Partition

    A Book Review

  43. Finding Mr Right

    A Movie Review

  44. Codecasting React Native

    FeedReader and JumpShot3

  45. Tales of Uber Drivers

    (And They're Mostly All Men)

  46. Reflect on 28 and a Half

    A message to future Jonathan

  47. IRAs and 401Ks

    In Which I Talk About Personal Financey Stuff

  48. Su Shi In the National Palace Museum

    I had a moment while staring at a piece of paper

  49. Scattered Thoughts on Asia: Public Transportation

    1 Month in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore

  50. Thoughts on Asia: Architecture

    1 Month in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore

  51. Thoughts on Asia: Food

    1 Month in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore

  52. Thoughts on Being Mortal

    A Five Star Review

  53. Handling XLSX Files Natively

    Orbiting the Electron

  54. Jumbled Thoughts on Tech in China

    Jumbled Thoughts on China Tech

  55. Things I Think I Think About Japan

    16 Days in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo

  56. The Throne: A Review

    Thoughts on Fatherhood. Total Spoilers.

  57. A Dirty Swift Curriculum

    For More Intermediate iOS Programmers

  58. Introducing CollegeScan

    A Client for the College Scorecard API

  59. Things I Think I Think About Austin

    7 Days in Austin and Fort Worth

  60. What's Left

    World Traveler

  61. Converting to ASyncDisplayKit

    Plug and Play on ASDK

  62. My 5 Favorite Articles of 2015

    2015 Meaning Stuff I Read In 2015

  63. Reflecting on 27

    And Moving On to 28

  64. For Yourself and Not For Others

    Working for Ourselves

  65. Things I Think I Think About Singapore

    7 Days in Singapore

  66. Things I Think I Think About Dallas Y'all

    5 Hours in Dallas

  67. Things I Think About A Little Life

    A Non-Spoilers Review

  68. Running in the Rain

    Thoughts on One of My Weird Habits

  69. RedditTV

    Failed TV App and Thoughts on tvOS

  70. Introducing ThunderFonts

    Gifs, Fonts, Colors!

  71. 9 Articles To Move You

    Reading that makes you feel goddamn alive

  72. Introducing HakkerJobs

    A Better Way to Browse Startup Jobs

  73. A Half Year In Books

    20 books Read. Recommending my favorites.

  74. Jobs Cliche Cartoons With Animals In Them

    My sister drew these.

  75. Things I Think I Think About New York City

    A Californian Writes About the Big Apple

  76. Seeing the Murals of Williamsburg

    A Stunning Sight

  77. What's On My iPhone Screen?

    Apps, I mean.

  78. The Thing Everyone Has In Common

    We are one.

  79. Three Meals In Taiwan

    Food is food, right? Even if it comes late?

  80. Things I Think About Inside Out

    Spoiler Warning. Watch the movie first.

  81. Introducing JumpShot 1.5

    A finished post about an unfinished app

  82. A Trip to Houtong Cat Village

    Stunning Beauty. Adorable Cats.

  83. Things I Think About Taiwan

    A Half-Taiwanese American Writes About His Half-Homeland

  84. 2 Years of Blogging

    Two years huh?

  85. Thinking About The National Geographic, Dated 1941

    I am down in Southern California for the weekend and asides from the suffocating heat, the thing that I am most able ...

  86. Review: Becoming Steve Jobs

    Patience and Focus

  87. The Anatomy of a Stupid 4-Hour iOS App Bug

    Also known as why I am the stupidest coder in the world.

  88. The Five Year Plan

    I turned 27 years old 2 months ago. I have been taking some time to think about what that means. Previously, it had m...

  89. Lasik

    What was it like?

  90. Let's Talk About Money Part 1

    Thoughts on what to do with your money

  91. Creating A Technical Resume

    Starting over all over again.

  92. Building a FB Ads Dashboard with Rails

    Working with Rails and the Facebook Ads API

  93. Sifting and Sorting 560,000 Emails Without Excel

    Taking Excel Spreadsheet Work To A Whole New Level

  94. Achieving Data Persistence in RubyMotion and XCode

    Working with MotionModel, NanoStore, Realm and avoiding Core Data

  95. Three Things About People

    Focus. Communication. Pragmatism.

  96. Some Thoughtful 'Quotes'

    I wanted to share some quotes that I really liked and why.

  97. That time I lost $12,000 options trading

    A self examination of an expensive personal failure

  98. Looking Over 6 Years Of Resume Evolution

    7,000 words on the changes of a resume from 2007 to 2013

  99. Looking Back on App Academy

    Thinking about 9 weeks spent learning how to code.

  100. Anime Review: Kotonoha no Niwa

    Stunningly beautiful story of two lonely people.

  101. Making SEC Research with RubyMotion

    Writing an iPad App with Rubymotion. My experience.

  102. A Pretty Good Investment: VYM

    In where I hawk a stock.

  103. Attack on Titan Episode 18

    Anatomy of an action scene. There will be spoilers.

  104. Apple in 2013

    Thoughts on Apple since 'Apple and Samsung: A Love Story'.

  105. Elysium

    I Went to See Elysium and I Had Thoughts. There will be spoilers.

  106. Anime Review: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

    A good show that is a lot more than it seemed to be at first

  107. Integrating With Craigslist

    Creating a formRene and I had talked about one of the challenges of creating a rental form collection product would b...

  108. Fleshing Out Form

    Fleshing out a Powerful Client Side FormI have created a few forms before for Rails and I have played around with Bac...

  109. Near The End

    Final ProjectsToday some people decided that it would make more sense to continue working on their final projects. So...

  110. Tightening Up

    Final ProjectsIn today’s chronicle, Jonathan spends time cleaning up and tightening the screws on PerfectPerusals. I ...

  111. More Things

    Creating Perfect Perusals (Not this blog)For the first half of my two final projects, I decided to create a clone of ...

  112. Creating Pp

    Final ProjectsToday I spent more time on building up more features of PerfectPerusals, with the significant feature b...

  113. Deploying Pp

    Final ProjectsToday I spent more time on building up more features of PerfectPerusals, with the significant feature b...

  114. Creating Pp

    Final ProjectsToday I spent more time on building up more features of PerfectPerusals, with the significant feature b...

  115. Discussion

    Talking with NedToday we spent the morning in lecture as Ned talked to us about the ins and outs of finding work in t...

  116. Newsreader

    News ReaderToday is a solo project and it is the first Rails and Backbone app that I have built yet that features som...

  117. Backbone 101

    Backbone 101Today, we worked for the first time on backbone. It was the first time that we were allowed to use many t...

  118. Picture Tagger

    Picture TaggerToday we continued with our big JavaScript project PictureTagger, which emulates the functionality of F...

  119. Threedo

    Three-DoToday was a solo day and it was a great opportunity to go and exercise a broad spectrum of our skills by crea...

  120. Return Of Rails

    Return of RailsToday we spent the majority of our time working on a big extensive app and for the first time in a wee...

  121. Snakey

    SnakeyThis is going to be a quick post because I have to do some work right now. The homework tonight is to go and wr...

  122. Javascript

    JavaScriptToday was supposed to be a solo day where we spent time working on two projects. Instead, it turned into pa...

  123. Twodoo

    TwoDoTwoDoo - A to-do app that is the project for AA W5D4Today we had two projects. The first one was an online newsp...

  124. Reddit Clone

    Reddit CloneToday we worked on creating a clone of Reddit. I found this very interesting because I never was a big Re...

  125. Social Thing

    Social ThingToday we delved deeper into some of the details involved with routes and other portions of building rails...

  126. Rails Lite3

    Rails Lite ContinuedToday we continued our Rails lite project and spend extensive time building through some of the m...

  127. Rails Lite2

    Rails Lite ContinuedToday we worked on recreating Rails. The idea is to build on the ActiveRecord work that we did la...

  128. Musictagger

    Music TaggerToday we went and worked on one of the most difficult rails projects that we ever had. The idea is to bui...

  129. 99cats

    99 CatsToday we spent our time working on an extensive rails app for the first time, taking in all parts of the MVC f...

  130. Apis

    APIsIf yesterday we spent time looking at and using an API - a great one at that with the Twitter API - today we spen...

  131. Api Introduction

    API IntroductionToday during class we got our first introduction to the web and web programming as well as working wi...

  132. Metaprogramming

    Meta Programming?On this fine day we spent our time working on metaprogramming, something that we were supposed to hi...

  133. Associations

    Exploration of RailsToday we continued with our exploration of Rails. Today we spent time on stuff like associations ...

  134. Activerecord

    First Day of ActiveRecordToday is our first day with ActiveRecord, which is one of the core parts of Ruby on Rails. L...

  135. Activerecord Foundations

    ActiveRecord FoundationsHello again to my thousands of incredible loving fans! Hah. That was a real riot of a joke. W...

  136. Tdd

    TDDToday and yesterday we spent time working on the poker project, the assessment 02 practice, and learning SQL queri...

  137. Solo Checkers

    Solo CheckersToday was a solo project where we all spent time on our own creating a checkers program. We had been ver...

  138. Big Chess

    Big Chess 2Today we continued to work on the Big Chess Project in our pairs. Even though I felt like we had made asto...

  139. Yaml

    YAMLThe lesson today involved opening and closing files and serialization of data to file formats like YAML (Yet Anot...

  140. Word Chains

    Word ChainsToday in Day 6 I took the practice assessment that Ned gave us before the actual assessment on Monday. It ...

  141. Dfs

    DFSToday is a Friday so today’s post comes a little early. I am going to go and post this a little early. In today’s ...

  142. Hangman

    HangmanAfter yesterday’s exhausting day today was more of a time to sit down and gathering one’s self in preparation ...

  143. Recursion Blocks

    Recursion and BlocksToday we worked with recursion and blocks, two things that are much more abstract and difficult t...

  144. Tictactoe

    Tic Tac ToeToday was a pretty good day. Perhaps because the projects and the ideas were not as thorny and instead tes...

  145. First Day

    Day 1Hello EveryoneToday is the first in what I hope will be a long string of posts about my time here at App Academy...